3 Dead As 'Ophelia', Worst Storm Since 1961, Hits Ireland

| October 17 , 2017 , 17:56 IST

Three people have died and over 3.3 lakh homes and businesses have been left without electricity in Ireland as Tropical Storm Ophelia battered every corner of the country and also impacted parts of the UK.

According to the Irish government, the storm is likely the worst to hit the nation since Hurricane Debbie killed 11 people in 1961.

One woman in her 50s died in the south-east area of the country when a tree fell on her car. Similarly, a man on the east coast died when a tree fell on his car. The third fatality occurred when a man in his 30s tried to clear a fallen tree.

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The power outage has been termed as an unprecedented event by the Ireland Electricity Supply Board, which says that it would likely affect every part of the country for days.

As the storm Ophelia knocked down trees and power lines, throwing up 10-metre waves, around 200 flights were canceled at the two main airports of Ireland at Dublin and Shannon.

The storm marked a landfall with winds as strong as 190 km per hour hitting the southern tip of the nation and locals were advised to stay indoors to be safe from the "life-threatening" gusts.

However, the recovery process has reportedly started.

"There are still dangers out there but the clean-up has started in some areas and the job of getting the country back to work has begun," said the chairman of Ireland's National Emergency Coordination Group, Sean Hogan.