29 Women Arrested In Iran For Protesting Against Mandatory Hijab Laws

| February 3 , 2018 , 14:09 IST

Protests against the mandatory imposition of Hijab in Iran has amplified in Iran with several protestors both women and men waving Hijab’s aloft on streets.

The Iranian Police in a major crackdown arrested 29 female protestors for ‘disturbing public security’ as per a report from Tasnim News, a network affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

The new wave of protests has grabbed global attention and sparked a debate rarely seen before in the Islamic nation. Men in Iran too have joined the protests and are now waving white flags in support of women's freedom of choice.

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The Islamic dress code, established in the 1979 revolution, makes the Islamic veil or hijab, mandatory for any woman over the age of 13 in Iran and says that they must cover themselves from head to foot while they reject any dress that embraces the figure. Six other women were also reportedly taken into custody this week.

The arrest of women demonstrators by the police has got widespread criticism. Social media has been flooded with the images and videos of the demonstration.

A video showing an elderly woman removing her Hijab and waving it on a stick has gone viral.


Oppression on the women by the Islamic rulers in Iran... If anybody look at the history of the world before the birth and advent of Islam on this earth, they will realize that Iran was a Persian country in the past and the people were following the Zorostrian... They are called Parsi.. Later on the whole Iran was converted to Islam by the forceful aggression and war incessantly by the wild Arabic tribes....All the Iranian people were forcefully converted to Muslims by imposing cruelty and atrocities on them... Few people of Iran escaped from this cruelty to save their religious fire and arrived at Sanjan port in India where they got the shelter and freedom of their religion.. So only India is the place where these old Iranian Zorostrian Parsi community lives happily today... The best example is Jamshedji Tata... A renowned business personality of India......So Iran was the great country in the past with it's great Persia history....Later on it lost it's glory in the Islamic rulers period... Even though they are following the Islam but their culture, name and rituals-traditions are completely the Persian same as the Parsi community living in India....Islam is just forcefully imposed on the poor people of Iran by the fanatics Islamic rulers...