'Tree Man' Of Bangladesh Deteriorates Again After 24 Surgeries

| February 3 , 2018 , 18:45 IST

Abdul Bajandar also dubbed as 'Tree Man' for large bark-like warts on his body, remained in hospital as the doctors said, he might need more fresh surgeries in coming days. Bark-like warts have returned to the hands and feet of the Bangladeshi rickshaw puller after two dozen surgeries apparently failed to cure him.

A year ago his body appeared to have made a full recovery from the rare condition that has affected him for a decade. But twelve months after doctors declared him all but cured following 24 surgeries, Bajandar's hands are once again covered in the growths that characterize his rare condition. He has been living in a twin-bed room in the Dhaka Medical College Hospital for the last two years and has gone undergone 19 surgeries to remove warts on his body.

Samanta Lal Sen from the hospital's Burn and Plastic Surgery Unit Told Efe news, "He could need one or two operations more but we are not going to release him soon. We are planning to give him adequate work in our new unit so we can keep him here and monitor his condition".

Bajandar suffers from epidermodysplasia verruciformis, an extremely rare genetic condition known as "tree-man disease". Doctors at the hospital are treating him for free and had removed more than five kilos of growths from his hands and feet. He has been there since with his wife and family, who live together in a small room in the hospital.

Fewer than half a dozen people worldwide have epidermodysplasia verruciformis, according to Sen. Last year the Dhaka Medical College hospital treated a young Bangladeshi girl suffering from the condition. Doctors declared the surgery to remove the growth a success, but her father later said that they had grown back in even great numbers. So, he withdrew her from treatment.

Nobody deserves to be in a hospital forever but unfortunately, Bajandar may have to stay here for a while.