Keep Calm And WATCH! Woman Delivers Baby Inside Car

| July 20 , 2015 , 18:36 IST
It is a dream of every woman to give birth to a new life safely after carrying the soul for nine months in her womb. Since the first day of pregnancy, a couple eagerly waits for the day when someone will call them mom and dad. They prepare themselves in all ways, psychologically, physically and financially to welcome this new life. Sometimes, the months of planning and preparations can go for a toss and a similar event happened to this couple from Houston. ALSO READ: Stillbirth In First Pregnancy Increases Risk On Second Time A video went viral on social media shows a woman delivering her baby in a car, while her husband drives. The couple was on their way to the hospital as the woman went in labor and suddenly her water broke and the baby came out crying. The couple seemed to be very calm as they rejoiced the moment, for which they had been waiting since nine months.

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