WATCH: Tom Cruise And Jack Ma's Budding Bromance

| September 10 , 2015 , 14:01 IST
Alibaba founder Jack Ma met Tom Cruise, who is considered as one of the most handsome actors of global cinema, during the Chinese premiere of Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation in Shanghai. tom cruise jack ma 1 While talking about watching Tom’s action packed flicks, Jack said, “"How can a man be this handsome?" "I'm considered the most ugly and unique looking person in China," he joked amidst much applause and laughter. "That is why when I look at a handsome man, I'm always jealous," he added. The only handsome man he's not jealous of? Tom Cruise, of course, because "he's so great." Well, Tom seemed to be completely flattered as well as honoured with Jack’s compliments. Known to be one of the richest men, Jack also shared his wish to see Tom in many more installments of Mission Impossible. "I like the movies and I want to see Mission Impossible 6, 7, 8, 9, 10…". Check out their budding bromance: [fb_pe url="" bottom="30"]