Watch: Radhika Apte Is Great In This Video About Workplace Bias Against Pregnant Women

| December 6 , 2015 , 09:23 IST
Radhika Apte Pregnancy is a beautiful aspect in the life of a woman. But, it is all true that most working women face discrimination at the work place because of their pregnancy. A short film, featuring Radhika Apte and highlighting the same problem, has taken the Internet by storm. Radhika Apte was one of the top trends on Facebook. In the video, she plays an architect who confronts her boss about being passed up for a promotion and having her clients reassigned because she is pregnant. Titled The Calling, the two-minute film shows Radhika as a troubled employee, Shaheen, who confronts her boss (Shernaz Patel) after she is passed over for a promotion. "You are judging me by my pregnancy not on my work," she tells Shernaz in one scene. The twist, however, occurs right in the end. Watch what Radhika does: