Video: TVF Pitchers Episode 1

| July 21 , 2015 , 15:29 IST
The first episode - 'Tu Beer Hai', was about a guy, Naveen, who is extremely pissed at his boss for taking away his chance of leading a project for which he had been working day and night. Bhati, his mentor, takes him to a bar and asks a very fundamental question ‘What are you?’. Watch the episode: The series is dedicated to the people who want to start something of their own. So, if you’re pissed with your boss and are planning to start a business of your own, this is a must watch series for you. The series went live on their official website on June 3, 2015, while they aired the same on YouTube on June 10, 2015. To watch episode 3 and 2, click here.

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