Video Of Kashmiri Teacher Using Innovative Teaching Method Goes Viral

| September 1 , 2015 , 17:51 IST
Though the teachers in government-run schools in Jammu and Kashmir have been in news for wrong reasons lately, a tutor from South Kashmir has won many hearts for using a novel and interactive way of teaching, with a video featuring him and his students going viral on social media. [fb_pe url="" bottom="30"] A group of students, aged eight to 10 years, from a Government Primary School in Shopian district, can be seen in the video standing in rows with their arms folded and translating into English language what their teacher says in Kashmiri. ALSO READ: Weird Application: Postgraduate Teacher Says ‘He Can Attend 12th Class Period Very Much’, Principal Says ‘Non-Sence’ Not only do the students, in unison, translate the sentences very well, they also make proper use of tenses. They translate sentences using the same verb in three different tenses - past, present and future tense. The video also demonstrates how the students have a hold on using singular and plural nouns and face no difficulty in translating what their teacher asks them to. All this is done in a playful and interactive manner as if the students are singing a rhyme. The class does not stop at translating sentences. The teacher asks the kids questions on general knowledge in a rhythmic manner and the students answer in the same way. ALSO READ: Authorities Issue Admit Card To A Cow In J&K To Write Professional Exam The students answer questions asking them to name the President, the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister of the country as well as the Chief Minister and the Education Minister of the state, questions which even others would find difficult to answer. Taking the level of practicality and interactions further, the teacher acts and the students put it into words. He places the bag on the table and the students respond, "The bag is on the table". He then places the bag under the table and students reply, "The bag is under the table". The video has been shared on social media with netizens praising the efforts of the teacher. "Teaching with Heart and Art. Great Teacher," wrote one user Bilal Maqbool on Facebook. Another user Shahid Wani wrote "Take a bow teacher! its really an innovative way to (be) taught". Some users also pointed out that by learning through such methods, the kids will never forget their lessons. "Incredible... That's really super way of teaching... These kids will never forget it... In private schools you have good infrastructure but teachers like the one in this video never make you feel the need of hi-fi methods. Hats off to you Sir," Muzafar Pandit said. The video has come at a time when government schools in the Valley have received flak for their non-performance. Recently, a court asked the government to conduct screening test of teachers after an applicant failed to write an essay on cow in an open court. This prompted the government to order screening of certificates of the teachers a move that generated a lot of controversy. However, Education Minister Naeem Akhtar went ahead with the move saying he would actively pursue the reforms in the education sector in the state. Every year the government schools are in news for the wrong reasons. Sometimes a kid is ridiculed by his teacher for not learning the lessons, while other times controversial pictures come out in which students are seen massaging the legs of their teacher who sits relaxed on the chair or those wherein the teachers brutally punish the students using lathis. However, this video comes as a beacon of light for those who had lost all hopes from the government-run schools in the state especially the Valley where the private schools are flourishing.