Twitterati's Take On Justin Trudeau's Fake Eyebrows Theory

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| June 11 , 2018 , 19:19 IST

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau keeps making headlines for bizarre reasons every now and then but the latest one couldn't get any weirder. The 47-year-old recently attended a press conference for the G7 summit but it was his eyebrow that stole the show.

Soon after the United States President Donald Trump attacked Trudeau on Twitter for pushing back against US tariffs, an odd theory started circulating the internet about Justin's eyebrows. Apparently, the whole incident started when a viral video surfaced the web on Sunday.

The grainy video showcased Justin Trudeau’s left eyebrow detached after answering a variety of questions from Donald Trump on trade. Canadian PM's left eyebrow appears to slowly move down his face as he answered the questions shot towards him by the media.

Following the incident, netizens went crazy thinking that the leader was wearing stick-on replacements over his real eyebrows, which got detached due to sweat. Tweepiles have come up with many weird theories about Trudeau's "fake" eyebrow. Check out some here:

While most agreed that Trudeau wore a fake eyebrow, the video clip when scrutinised closely proved that the entire theory was wrong as the real case was of poor lighting which gave Trudeau's left brow a weird shadow, making it appear detached from his face.