Fashion Blunder! Twitterati Loose Calm As Zara Sells Traditional Lungi For Almost Rs 6,000

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| January 30 , 2018 , 17:06 IST

Renowned Fashion Brands might have an art of converting any cloth article into the wearable product but sometimes, their weird sense of style statement leaves the buyers flabbergasted. The latest case came forward as the popular fashion brand introduced fancy 'lungis' as their newly invented fashion creation.

Irrespective of the article's usage in their household, every Indian is well-aware of the existence of lungi, a traditional garment wore in many regions of the country but nobody could have imagined being described as a "flowing skirt with draped detail in the front, slit detail at the hem".

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Indians are used to the concept of their products being sold with twisted descriptions in the global market, remember the 'Indian daybed charpoys', but Zara has surely taken the idea to another level. What's more shocking is the amount these lungi-like skirts have been priced at.

While Lungis can be bought with the lowest price of Rs 300, the reputed brand is selling their extravagant skirts for $89.90 or approximately Rs. 5,700. Ever since the information was leaked to social media, Twitterati has been leaving no stone unturned to mock the skirt's resemblance with a lungi.

Check out the hysterical tweets which will surely take you on a laughing spree here: