Twitterati Drills Chetan Bhagat And RP Singh For Their Thoughts On Firecracker Ban

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| October 10 , 2017 , 18:27 IST

In a game-changing decision, Supreme Court banned the sales of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR with effect from October 9 till November 1. The decision was taken in wake of a petition which requested the apex court to restore last year's ban.

The ban was restored keeping in mind that a number of firecrackers that are burst during festive season add to the already alarming level of air pollution in Delhi. Though, few people didn't agree with the SC decision and raised their voice against it through the micro-blogging website, Twitter.

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Two of them are the well-known faces who do not agree with this ban. The renowned author Chetan Bhagat and former India pacer Rudra Pratap Singh who are worried about their Diwali celebrations took it to Twitter and expressed their disappointment over the rule.

While RP Singh was merely worried about wasting the firecrackers, he already has at home, Chetan took the matters way far by posting a religiously offending tweet. Following their Tweets, both had to face the outrage of Twitterati for being irresponsible and promoting pollution.

Chetan Bhagat posted a string of tweets while expressing his rage over the decision.

Following the author's tweets, many Twitter user along with the Indian politician and former diplomat, Shashi Tharoor expressed his displeasure towards Bhagat's inconsiderate tweets.

RP Singh asked his followers a question related to the ban and received answers along with criticism from the Twitter user in return. His tweet read, "I have old crackers in my house. Can I burn those or that is also banned." 

In response to his Tweet, many reminded him that the court has allowed those who already have firecrackers to burst them on October 19.