Remembering 'Those' Days, Excited Twitterati Celebrate Children's Day in Full Swing

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| November 14 , 2017 , 14:55 IST

Children are always excited to grow up fast whereas the adults often sigh remembering their carefree childhood. In the chaotic adult life, many wish to revisit their golden days as children but fail to do so and hence, find solace in reminiscing those times.

The first Prime Minister of the independent India, Jawaharlal Nehru held immense love for children and expressed the same on various occasions. Due to his extreme adoration for the young fellas, Chacha Nehru's birth anniversary on November 14 is commemorated as Children's Day every year.

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Ever since the evolution of online media, the internet users have utilised the platform to express themselves and share their thoughts openly. Much like any other relevant day, the special occasion was manoeuvred by Twitterati to share their fondest children memories and pictures on the micro-blogging platform.

Contributing to the series of tweets celebrating the day, many celebrities also contributed to their interesting and inspiring stories to make this a memorable day. While others were sharing their happy memories, it was our witty sportsperson, Virender Sehwag who stole the limelight with his heartwarming tweet.