Turkish Hackers Take Over Anupam Kher,Ram Madhav & Swapan Dasgupta’s Twitter Accounts

| February 6 , 2018 , 15:16 IST

Actor Anupam Kher, BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav and Rajya Sabha MP Swapan Dasgupta’s twitter handles have been hacked by Turkish Hackers. The hackers have changed Kher's twitter handle from AnupamPKher to AnupamPKherTC because of which the handle lost its verification badge. Twitter first restricted the primary handle AnupamPKher and later restored the account from AnupampKherTC to AnupamPKher.

Incidentally the hacks occured on Safer Internet Day.

The same hackers earlier took over the Twitter account of Swapan Dasgupta, a nominated Rajya Sabha MP. Tweets from Pakistani Government and Pak Army Chief were quote tweeted from his account with the caption ‘I Love Pakistan’

Anupam Kher has around 12 million followers on Twitter and is one of the most vocal Bollywood personalities. He often engages with his audience and is known for opining his views on political issues as well.

The hackers changed his bio and tweeted an image with the Turkish Flag. The text in the tweet was in Turkish with final sentence in English saying, “Your DM correspondence and important data have been captured! I Love Pakistan.”

The tweet was then taken off. The hackers then pinned a tweet from a Turkish account on Kher’s Timeline.

"My Twitter account has been hacked. Just got few calls from friends in India about it. I am in Los Angeles and it is 1 am. Have spoken to Twitter already." Anupam Kher was quoted by ANI. 

Hackers posted a series of tweets from Ram Madhav's account. One of these tweets posted in Turkish and English reads "Your account has been hacked by the Turkish Cypriot army Ayyıldız Tim. Your DM correspondence and important information have been captured!I Love Pakistan." Madhav is in Ladakh right.

A similar incident took place earlier last month with top Indian Diplomat Syed Akbaruddin. His account was soon restored thanks to a timely intervention from Twitter.

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