Tapsee Pannu's Viral Video Tells Girls That Their Body Is Strongest Of All Armours [Watch]

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| March 30 , 2017 , 17:05 IST
sddefault Tapsee Pannu has proved many a times that she is a strong independent woman who knows how to achieve what she wants, what is more beautiful is how this actress inspires girls to be strong, to fight and to stand tall and alone - if need be! A video by 'BLUSH'  is getting thousands of views on social media and each and every girl who ever thought she needs to apologise for who she is- needs to watch it! Tapsee comes with a message that hits hard- she shows by this video that girls need to stop saying sorry and start retaliating for whatever is wrong in their life! The video says- 'Sorry for the times I wore a short skirt'- No do not say sorry just because your thigh shows a little, say sorry to yourself that you did not know how to hit back when you wore a skirt. 'Sorry I got drunk'- No say sorry you did not know how to break a bottle on the head of a man who thinks he will take advantage of your state. 'Sorry I screamed when my husband hit me'- No say sorry you did not teach yourself how to keep your self esteem higher. 'sorry I walked home alone'- No say sorry you did not teach yourself how to break a man's nose when he thinks he can grab your waist just because you were alone! Say sorry but to your self - that you as a woman forgot to teach yourself that you can fight back, say sorry for every time you screamed - for now You will fight!" It's a video that hits home and tells each one of us, that women get scared but only till the time they don't realise that power lies within them- because after that they hit, they hit very hard! Watch the video and get inspired: