Tanmay Bhatt Roasts Fond Memories Of Song 'Pari Hu Mein'

| July 26 , 2015 , 13:24 IST
Children! Remember the 'Pari Hu Mein' song by Suneeta Rao? Of course you do! Most of us still hum it, some still tap their toes to it but trust a comedian to burst the bubble when it comes to, listening between the lines. So, it turns out the song is all about child sexual abuse (insert dramatic sound). AIB's Tanmay Bhatt, posted this tweet recently: Not to be outdone, fellow AIB Rohan Joshi took a dig at Tanmay: Curiosity kills the cat and upon listening to the song, one cannot help but wonder the actual intention of Suneeta Rao when she sang this song. It can be argued that this song is one of those double-edged song, depending on what the listener wants to hear. And now that we have your curiosity, no need to Google for the song. Listen here and make up your mind: