Shot By The Selfie Craze: Girl Accidentally Kills Herself

| May 25 , 2015 , 18:06 IST
selfie-kill The Dorian Gray obsession with self-portraits is growing into a menace as it begins to claim lives. In a recent incident, a Singaporean man died after falling into the sea off a cliff while attempting to take a selfie on an island in Bali. Mohamed Aslam Shahul was killed after losing his balance after being hit by a wave and falling into the sea from a two-metre high cliff at the Sandy Bay Beach in Nusa Lembongan where he was holidaying with his friends, The Guardian reported. "He slipped and fell into the ocean. He apparently couldn't swim," a police officer was quoted as saying. In a separate incident, a 21-year-old woman accidentally shot herself in the head while taking a selfie. She was said to have been posing while pointing a 9mm handgun to her head. While taking a selfie with one hand, she accidentally pressed the gun's trigger, shooting herself in the temple at close range, as per the reports. She had found the gun at her Moscow office left behind by a security guard, police said.