#SRKMeetsAruna: Shah Rukh Khan's Dying Fan Wishes To Meet Him, Twitterati Made Sure To Convey The Message

| October 20 , 2017 , 13:47 IST

The micro-blogging website, Twitter has not just allowed people to express themselves but also helps in communicating to the world's riches messages which otherwise had no other medium. Twitterati often make people laugh at the funny memes that keeping trending every once in a while but never lets an opportunity to share heart-warming messages as well.

In the latest incident, the internet users have made it their goal to make a cancer survivor's dream come true. Aruna PK who is currently fighting cancer on a hospital bed is a strong lady who in spite of battling for life, never lets that infectious smile slips from her lips. The optimistic lady earlier made headlines telling her followers about her liking for people belonging to different states.

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The woman is once again making people go crazy without even trying. A recent Twitter post which includes a picture of her while laying in hospital bed along with a sketch of Aruna and Shah Rukh Khan together is going viral. Along with the post, a hashtag #SRKMeetsAruna is also trended on Twitter for days.

Aruna, apparently believes that King Khan is her source of strength and her tweets reflect the same. Her love of SRK is beyond inspiring and showcases that Bollywood celebrities leave such a great impact on people's lives without even knowing about it. Aruna is a lively woman and we hope that her wish to meet the superstar comes true soon.

Here are some of the Tweets urging the actor to meet his dying fan: