‘Selfie With A Cow’ Contest Now Open, Send Your 'Cowfie' By Dec 31 To Win!

| October 29 , 2017 , 13:25 IST

Since cows have landed in controversy in recent times, an NGO in Kolkata has come up with a unique way to increase awareness about the importance of cows using modern technology; by launching a 'Selfie with a cow' contest, where users can share their favourite cow-selfies or 'cowfies' for a chance to win the competition.

The last day sending the cowfies is December 31, while the winners will be declared on January 21.

The 'Go Seva Pariwar' NGO that launched the Selfie with a cow contest has reported that so far the response has been very good, especially from the youth.  

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“Cow protection should not be mixed with religion or politics. Cow protection needs to be done for social and scientific use,” Abishekh Pratap Singh, an official of the NGO said.

“The contest and the campaign will educate people on the economic and medicinal benefits the cow has and how to raise awareness against cow slaughter,” he said.

To participate in the contest, users would need to download the ‘Goseva Pariwar’ app and then post the selfie with a cow along with contact details.

The past year has witnessed a disturbing increase in the frequency of violence meted out by so-called 'Gau Rakshaks' or cow vigilantes in cases where harm to cows is suspected. From the lynching of a youth in a train on the suspicion of carrying beef, to the burning down of the home of a man for finding a cow carcass nearby, the 'protection' of cows led to violence against the general population.