Scientists Solve The Mystery Of ‘The Dress’ Which Broke The Internet

| May 18 , 2015 , 17:28 IST
DressSidebySide The science behind the dress that caught the eyes of the entire World has finally unfolded and guess what, seems like all the answers about the colour of the dress were correct! Well, for all those who held major debates questioning the colour of the dress, this might interest you. The Scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) have conducted a study that has revealed the mystery of ‘The Dress’  which went viral when Caitlin Mcneill, a 21year old singer, posted the picture of it on her blog in February 2015. MIT conducted a survey of over 1400 individuals and based on this survey, came to a conclusion. It stated that people who spend majority of their time in natural daylight perceive ‘The Dress’ as white and gold in colour. While others who are exposed to artificial light, perceive ‘The Dress’ as black and blue in colour. Hence, there is no right colour of the dress. In that case, every debater stands true to their debate as each and everyone guessed the colours correctly depending on their visual perception. So be happy and rejoice!  You've finally got an answer to the biggest debate that had split the internet.

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Kurtis Engle

Well, MIT is pretty good. I have no reason to doubt them, though of course I hope for peer review. And I find it interesting that the actual discovery, that artificial light has so serious and long term effect, is going unremarked on.