Save Ananya: Help Girl Suffering From 'Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemia'

| December 7 , 2015 , 18:08 IST
Ananya Gupta, a four-year old Delhi girl, is suffering from Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemia since childhood. Doctors believe the only way to help her is through bone marrow transplant. She is being treated at B A L Kapoor Hospital, where since four years 70 times blood has been changed. Now doctors are saying to operate and change her bone marrow in next two months, which will cost around Rs 30-35 lakh. Her father, Vipin Kumar Gupta, is a professional make-up artiste at a national news channel in Noida. But due to financial issues, it is not possible for him to arrange such a huge amount for the treatment of little Ananya.   Congenital dyserythropoietic anemia (CDA) is an inherited blood disorder that affects the development of red blood cells. This disorder is one of many types of anemia, which is a condition characterized by a shortage of red blood cells. This shortage prevents the blood from carrying an adequate supply of oxygen to the body's tissues. Her father has already contacted few NGOs, but the help is still short to begin the treatment of the little girl. The little girl is asking for your help. So, if you are interested to help her, please contact at the given phone numbers: Vipin Gupta (Ananya’s father)- 098 107 21 023 Seema Gupta (Ananya’s Mother)- 098 710 70 446 Bank Account Details: (1.) Account No:- 501 76 444 080 Seema Gupta Bank Name:- Allahabad bank Branch Name- South ex, Delhi IFSC code-ALLA0210289 (2.) Account No:- 50 1001 22 22 02 57 Vipin Gupta Bank Name:- HDFC Branch Name- South ex, Delhi IFSC code-HDFC0001092 (3.) Account No:- 35 34 34 211 80 Seema Gupta Bank Name:- State Bank of India Branch Name- South ex, Delhi IFSC code-SBIN0003219 (4.) Account No:- 35 00 38 45 87 Seema Gupta Bank Name:- Central Bank of India Branch Name- South ex, Delhi IFSC code-CBIN0280976