'Rebuilding Nepal' Concert: An Unforgettable Night

| May 26 , 2015 , 21:41 IST
rebuilding-nepal-concert1 On May 24, Dzukoh Tribal Kitchen, along with Sweta Neriah Pradhan and, came together to host a concert ‘Rebuilding Nepal’ to raise funds for the earthquake ravaged nation. After the massive earthquake that jolted the nation on April 25, claiming thousands of lives and causing widespread destruction, Nepal is in dire need of financial help. One month on, it is still struggling to rebuild itself. In lieu of this, Karen Yepthomi, owner of Dzukoh Tribal Kitchen, collaborated with Sweta Neriah Pradhan to organize a concert that brought different musical bands of the city under a roof to mesmerise the audience with their scintillating music. Its media partner,, covered the entire event and live streamed it on their website as well.   The event had bands like Alo wanth, Angelo Daimari, Project Rigden, Techtronics, Noida School of Rock, Left Blank, Hope Collective ft. and Northeast Express who performed live. It started at 8:30pm and as the night grew darker, they got their audience tapping their feets. Artists like Sonam Sherpa with wife, Dina Sherpa of Parikrama Fame, Sweta Pradhan from Northeast Express, Mona Liza from Project Rigdens, Noida School Of Rock and Left Blank burnt the floor with their outstanding performances. (Watch video below)   While the audience enjoyed the music, they contributed to the project as well and fulfilled their "role of a good human being" as said by Karen Yepthomi. Here are images of the concert: The money collected from the concert will be directed to UNICEF India, who will transfer the same to the Government of Nepal. This concert was a small yet successful initiative taken by the organizers. It saw a huge number of north eastern and Nepalese people, who came together to show their solidarity with the people and families of the disaster stricken nation.