PM Modi Gets Flak On Twitter As India Rises From 4th Most Dangerous Nation For Women To No.1

| June 27 , 2018 , 15:04 IST

A recent study from Thomson Reuters showed that despite India's advancements, it is the number 1 most dangerous country in the world for women, rising from the position of 4th most dangerous country for women that it was in 2013.

As Congress leaders, including party President Rahul Gandhi, slammed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA government for the ignominious status of India as the number one most dangerous nation, BJP leaders were quick to discredit the survey.

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The BJP claimed the survey to be unreliable as it was deduced on the basis of the views of 550 'experts', forgetting the PM Modi, in 2013 had used the very same survey to slam the then UPA government.

"Perception of 548 anonymous individuals is being used to brand India as a country unsafe for women notwithstanding data. I can imagine that Thomson Reuters may have an agenda but what is Rahul Gandhi’s stake in belittling India?" BJP's Amit Malviya tweeted.

Congress media communication's Rachit Seth shared PM Modi's tweet from 2013, pointing out that the BJP had accepted previous survey results which had only 213 experts on panel.

"Modi and BJP supporters were comfortable to raise the issue in 2011, when India was voted the 4th Most dangerous Nation in the world, by taking into account views of just 213 Gender Experts. Now that the survey has taken votes of 548 Gender Experts - they have an issue !" Seth tweeted.

Nearly 5 years later, Modi's tweet from 2013 witnessed a flurry of replies, and disappointment from the public.

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