Pakistani Teenager Finds Hope Amongst Indians

| May 20 , 2015 , 19:54 IST


A teenager in dire straits, a mother lacking financial backing, coming to a new place from a different city and country. This is the story of Nazia and Saba Tarikh Ahmed, who arrived to Mumbai from Karachi to treat her daughter from a rare genetic condition called 'Wilson's Disease'.

Nazia brought her daughter Saba to Mumbai's Jaslok Hospital to treat her from this rare condition in which copper accumulates in vital organs of the body. Fighting all odds, the City of Dreams came together to raise funds for Saba's treatment which came up to Rs. 1.6 lakhs.

Saba who is just 16 years old, started to show symptoms last year and doctors in Pakistan could not diagnose the condition and suggested taking her to India for treatment. Ignoring hesitation and fear mongering from her neighbours, Nazia took the initiative and was overwhelmed by the hospitality and warmth of Indians.