Pakistan Railway Official Seeks 730 Days Full Pay Leave Over 'Ill-Mannered' New Minister

| August 27 , 2018 , 10:36 IST

Working under less than pleasant bosses is a fact of life many of us have to deal with, however, a Pakistan Railways official has taken a different approach to working under the new railways' minister Sheikh Rasheed whom he describes as "extremely non-professional and ill-mannered".

In an application letter that has since then gone viral, Mohammad Hanif Gul, the Chief Commercial Manager of the Pakistan Railways headquarters office and a Grade-20 officer, has sought leave on full pay for 730 days, due to differences with the Railway Minister.

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 “With due respect, it is submitted that the attitude of new Minister is extremely non-professional and ill-mannered," the letter to the Secretary/Chairman Railway says.

“As an Honourable member of the Civil Services of Pakistan, it is not possible for me to continue to work under him. The Minister is fully entitled to work with a team that share his vision," it continues.

"It is, therefore, submitted that 730 days leave may kindly be allow to the undersigned,” the letter reads.

The letter has since then gotten a flurry of responses on Twitter.