#NosePinTwitter: These Women Will Force You To Get Your Nose Pierced

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| October 16 , 2017 , 11:10 IST

Piercing has reached another level with today's youth taking a liking for this age-old cultured tradition. Earlier, Indian women used to get one due to religious beliefs but now the art has taken a more fashion-based turn.

While most working women hesitate of wearing traditional looking nose pins to work, the latest trend going on Twitter encourages them to flaunt their beauty while donning this traditional accessory.

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A Twitter user, Tanzila took the initiative and motivated the women all around the country to share their pictures with nose pins and a lot of submissions are coming for the campaign called #NosePinTwitter.

Have a look at some of the beautiful pictures shared by Twitterati:

Some artistic people also gave their contribution to the campaign by uploading some photoshopped pictures of themselves and their favourite celebrities to add glamour to the ongoing trend.