Nation Answers Why 95% Of Indian Men Refrain From Using Condoms

| March 6 , 2018 , 18:34 IST

Despite the societal growth, Indians maintain a traditional approach when it comes to sexual conversation. The very reason why the nation stands 2nd in the list of most populated countries is lack of contraceptive awareness among the youngsters.

In the era when social media has helped women all around the world to reveal the true face of sexual predators who were lurking in all walks of life, a renowned condom brand Durex took up the issue of lack of condom usage in India to Twitter and the response will surprise you.

Questioning the millennials to reason Why 95% of Indians don’t use condoms, the condom brand carried out a survey which received thousands of interesting responses from all around the nation. Interesting, Durex has used the figures from the National Family Health Survey's data.

Notably, the number of women using contraceptives has increased remarkably in the past years whereas men refrain from using condoms during sexual intercourse and they have their own reason for the same. Check out some hilarious reasons Indian men listed out to answer Durex's question.