Jaw-Dropping Mashup Of GoT Star Cast Singing Taylor Swift's Song [WATCH]

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| September 10 , 2017 , 18:38 IST

The popular tv show 'Games of Throne' has fans all over the globe. The latest season of the drama has reached its finale and it will be a while before the show is back.

In the meanwhile, the recent viral video might cater to the fan's urges.

Popstar, Taylor Swift's hit number "Look What You Made Me Do" was recreated by one of the crazy GoT fans, who went through hundreds of clips from the show and created a mind blasting mash-up.

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The YouTuber, Matthijs Vlot, an audio-visual remixer based in the Netherlands went through the entire show and arranged bits and pieces said by the star cast in such an order that it corresponds to Taylor's song.

Within two days of being uploaded, the video was seen by more than 200k viewers who loved the creation. Some even went as far as calling it better than the original. The editor's efforts in compiling the clips were highly appreciated as well.

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From Jon Snow to Cersei Lannister, Arya Stark and Tyrion Lannister, almost all the GoT stars can be seen in the rather jaw-dropping mash-up. In the end, the creator's efforts paid off with everybody admiring his handy work.