Let's Take The Tharoor Vocab Test And Gush Over Our 'Intelligence'

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| January 20 , 2018 , 16:43 IST

Former Diplomat and Congress MP, Shashi Tharoor never fails in leaving the masses impressed with his extraordinary oratory skills. More than often, the literary expert has shocked the internet users with his uncommon vocabulary.

The outspoken orator has been praised time and again for his inner Tharoorosauraus Rex, who makes his appearance every now and then. The parliamentarian has made people run towards searching for their dictionaries many times with his thoroughly thunderous tweets.

Recently, the Kerala MP was featured in a caricature by Amul where the creatives tried to take a dig at people who are unable to understand the words Tharoor use in his statements. #WeToo! Anyways, the laureate took that as an honour and made the readers burst into laughter with his witty reply.

An online platform has now taken an opportunity to test the people's intellect levels by taking a 'Shashi Tharoor Vocab Quiz'. Many internet users took up the challenge and achieved a respectable score. Can you? Why not see yourself?

Check out how people responded after taking the test.

The renowned journalist Barkha Dutt also took up the test and her hilarious answer to the quiz left Tharoor speechless.