Puducherry LG Kiran Bedi Trolled For Celebrating France's FIFA Win As An 'Erstwhile French Territory'

| July 16 , 2018 , 16:35 IST

Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry Kiran Bedi became the target of extensive trolling and even outright insults after she lauded France's win in the FIFA World Cup final match on Sunday night as a victory for 'Puducherrians' since Puducherry (formerly known as Pondicherry) was an erstwhile French Territory.

"We the Puducherrians (erstwhile French Territory) won the World Cup. Congratulations Friends. What a mixed team-all French. Sports unites," tweeted Kiran Bedi, resulting in her getting trolled.

Pondicherry had become a French colony under the French colonial empire in 1674 and formed a part of the French India, ruled by a single French Governor in Pondicherry. The territories of French India were completely transferred back to India in 1954.

In a later statement to ANI, Kiran Bedi defended the 'French heritage' of the people of Pondicherry, despite the backlash her earlier statement caused.

"You had to see Pondicherry yesterday, we streamed the FIFA final on the beach, people in Pondicherry are very proud of their French heritage. People felt related to the French team, they felt a part of them won the World Cup," Kiran Bedi said to ANI.

The initial tweet made by Bedi resulted in people slamming her for undermining the Indian spirit of a territory that was under the forced colonisation of France.