Is Chetan Bhagat Really Joining Congress?

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| April 1 , 2018 , 13:45 IST

Known for taking unprecedented jibes at the Indian political system and expressing his blunt opinion by posting unapologetic tweets, the renowned Indian Author Chetan Bhagat took the entire nation by surprise when he announced his decision of joining Congress.

The '2 States' writer declared his will to fix the nation by joining Rahul Gandhi, starting his big movement by supporting Congress in Karnataka campaign. Twitterati expressed his varied reactions over his announcement. While some were excited, others were enraged.

Many even pointed out how Bhagat has written several articles criticising the party in Opposition in the past and called out upon his decision. Others went ahead and warmed him to think over his decision "a thousand times" before making the final move and Bhagat was generous enough to reply most of them.

What the Twitter users failed to notice is the link added by Bhagat at the end of his tweet, which directed the readers to April Fools Day's Wikipedia page indicating that it was a joke. So, cool down people because Chetan Bhagat is not joining Congress, not in this life at least.

It is funny though, how people jumped to conclusions without even going through the entire information provided. Although, some were able to grasp the idea and posted some hilarious tweets to react over Bhagat's attempt to pull such a serious prank on his followers.

The crux of April Fools' Day is to pull silly pranks at others and then have a good laugh at them over their naivety. You also, don't refrain yourself from enjoying the day to its fullest and pull as many stunts as your heart desires but remember, they must be harmless.

We wish you all, A very Happy April Fools' Day!