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Fun Games That 90s Kids Could Swear By

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| November 14 , 2015 , 11:12 IST
Gone are the days when a bunch of kids used to get together for a game of Chupan Chupai or Maram Pitti. They say you're going to miss it, when it is gone. And we absolutely agree with this one. Today, we love to hang out with friends, visit pubs and even kids these days don't go beyond video games and candy crush. But kids in those days used to play games that were awesome and totally inventive. So this children's day let's get back to 90s and rejoice the games, we miss now!
pithoo Pitthu is the most fun game ever where players are divided into two teams. Each team gets a chance to hit the Pitthu with a ball and rearrange it until the other team hits you back with the ball.
Chupan Chupai
hide and seek Hide and Seek or we say Chuppan Chuppai played by all of us. This game was an epic where one person counts and rest all other kids hide and the person who counts has to find them.
Hand Cricket
hand cricket In classroom or in school bus, we all played this game. After winning you would have definitely flaunted yourself as a 'Hand Cricket Champion'
Pen Fight
pen fight Whenever teacher doesn't come to the class, everybody in the class used to take out their heavy and best pen to win the game.
Chain Chain
chain chain whenever you take the name of this game a big smile comes on your face, where we hold each others hand and run to catch other kids and expand the chain.
stapoo Every girl used to think she is the Champ of this game. Wherever we see these boxes, your legs would definitely go out to play.
London Statue
statue Making each other stand like a statue or freeze them and then making them laugh. You played this everywhere you go even while standing during the assembly.
Pakdam Pakdai
pakdam pakdai Running after each other to catch, this game made you run as if you are running for Olympics.
Doctor Doctor Help Us
docto doctor help us Doctor doctor help us gave you pain in your hands but still you love to play this game. A team of 4-5 kids used to enstrangle themselves in such a way that the denner or the doctor couldn't untangle you.
Maaram Pitti
Dodgeball if you had the courage, you would have definitely played this game at least once in your childhood. Maaram Pitti is an Indian version of the dodge ball. it is played by two teams where you have to save yourself from being hit.
Gilli Danda
gillidanda one of the popular street games of rural India which is pretty famous in urban side as well. Gilli Danda is the Desi version of Cricket but without a ball.
kanche Kanche or Goli is a game played with small sphere marbles where you use one marble to hit the other. If you loose the game, you loose your marbles.
Kho-Kho Kho - Kho is one of the popular games which has taken the place in National Games. . One team has to catch the members of the other team who sit in a straight line facing opposite to each other.
Chidiya Udd
chidiya udd One of the lame game which you'll try if you get a chance to play. Everyone keeps their finger on the surface, one person says the name of the things which can and cannot fly and if anyone who raise their finger on the things that couldn't fly is out of the game.
Name Place Animal Thing
name-place When you couldn't go out to play you would have played this game where you show yourself as an intelligent kid who knows everything.
Tipi Tipi Tap
TIPI TIPI TAP Tipi- Tipi- Tap which colour do you want? blue? A game which can tell you your future with numbers and your favorite color.
flames You still try this looking at your crush. Don't you. predicting your future with the person whom you like.
WWF Trump Cards
TRUMP CARDS You couldn't try WWF at your home, but you lived in wrestling mod if you get 'Rock', 'Undertaker' or 'Big show'. And used your hidden strategy 'Clash'.

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