#Firecrackersban Debate: This Woman's Post Will Surely Leave You Speechless!

| October 12 , 2017 , 15:53 IST

The Supreme Court’s decision to put a ban on the sale of firecrackers in Delhi has already incited a lot of debate around the topic. There is Diwali and then there is much-debated cracker ban. The sufferers are the ones who eluded discussion and are getting mad on each other after facing the sickness and will be affected by the after-effects of excessive cracker bursting. 

The Supreme Court said its order of last November banning the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) would continue till October 31 - Diwali falls on October 19 -- in an effort to check pollution on the ‘festival of lights’.

The ban on sale of fire-crackers in Delhi-NCR before Diwali have incited much anger among residents and social media ‘activists’ from across the country. The revelations from families who have been at the receiving end of the deteriorating air quality in the National Capital Region are the biggest shocker.

A Media professional in Delhi, Parul Agrawal shared a personal account from her life and it will surely leave you touched.

Since August 23, 2017, Parul’s mother has been in the hospital, fighting a precarious lung infection. The condition has only gone worse recently with her mother unable to breathe on her own. While many of the city’s residents hoard crackers or look for illicit ways of acquiring the now-banned commodity, Parul is just hoping that this year the festival will not be as severe like the previous year.

See her post here:


Parul’s mother is still in a critical condition and after spending several days in the hospital, she faces A threat of catching infections further. Environmentalists and others crying their heart out for a stay on crackers whereas the shopkeepers & sellers of crackers don’t want a ban on it. While people are debating over Supreme Court’s ban on crackers, several families like Parul's are fighting only to survive. The air quality deteriorates abysmally and alarmingly and the city chokes everyday!

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