Exclusive Interview: BHAIJAANZ

| April 30 , 2015 , 14:42 IST
We live in a country where people live, breathe and worship cinema. From writing letters in blood to building temples for the stars, fans are ready to cross every limit to show their love for their favourite stars. But, just when we thought we have seen every possible thing that these star crazy fans can do, here is another one… a bunch of five crazy Salman Khan fans have opened an entire restaurant dedicated to ‘Dabangg’ Salman Khan’. The restaurant is aptly named ‘BHAIJAANZ’! bhaijaanz-700x400 The restaurant is a creation of five young and enthusiastic friends, namely Rahul Kanal, Tabrez Shaikh, Sohail Siddique, Kursheed Khan and Zafar Sayed Yusuf, who simply wanted to show their love, passion and dedication towards Salman Khan. ‘Focus News’ exclusively caught up with one of its founding members Tabrez Shaikh, who is also the head chef of this one of its kind restaurant. Excerpts from the interview… What was the idea behind opening this restaurant One fine day we were just sitting and discussing about food and restaurants. So we thought that maybe we can come up with something of ourselves. And since we all are a big fan of Salman Khan, we decided to open a restaurant which will be a tribute to him. We discussed various names for it and finally came up with BHAIJAANZ. bhaijaanz-1-700x400 The concept behind its designing The moment you will enter the gate of Bhaijaaz, a huge board on the entrance will welcome you with the words written on it ‘Swagat Nahi Karoge Hamara..’ in a typical Salman style. You won’t see a single thing which will not remind you of Salman Khan. From the menu, tables, interiors, food, etc…everything is only and only about Salman. bhai new The chandeliers are made out of cycle chains and every component which went in the making of the chandeliers is the part of cycles (except the bulbs), keeping in mind Salman’s love for cycling. Every tile on the walls and the tables is hand painted in Moroccan style and is different from each other. bhaighjyhj There are huge dialogue boards all around, where you can see the famous dialogues of Salman from his various movies. Also, there are 147 frames of various Salman Khan’s movie posters with their release dates on it and what makes it even more special is the Rs.10 note in every frame, whose serial number is the same as that of the movie release date. When you will walk in, there is a huge Salman Hulk painting, we call it our ‘Super Human’ painting. In India Salman is not less than a superhero for us and that is why we have compared him with Hulk. bhai 1tyui The restaurant has an exact replica of Salman’s Galaxy Apartment’s balcony, from where he usually greets his fans. There are approx. 70 different painting, caricatures, etc…that has got all the hairdos’ and styling of Salman Khan. bhai newgjyh There is also a specially designed glass mirror table that has got the similar stones as that of Salman’s bracelet. The main highlight is undoubtedly the ‘Menu’, which is designed in the form of a comic book and the front page depicts the story about how these five friends started this restaurant. The sub-headings of the dishes in the menu are named on the movies that Salman Khan has done so far, which is quite interesting to see and grabs most of the attention. What make you guys different from other fans of Salman Khan I don’t want to compare ourselves with anybody. We are what we are. What we have done here is more than enough to show our love and our way of appreciating that affection towards Salman. Best food items to try Biryani Dole sholey kabab Chicken breast Did you approach Salman Khan for its inauguration salman hulk We have not inaugurated the restaurant yet and we never plan to inaugurate it. This restaurant is all about maintaining Bhai’s attitude. So, we are hoping that people will welcome us. We don’t want to invite a certain group of people. Basically it is a fans’ restaurant, we just want people to come in and be a part of this. They are Salman Khan’s fans first and then our guests. Rare facts Paid double the amount to get parcel delivery bikes registration number the same as that of Salman Khan’s birthday, which is 2712. Planning to import a wax statue of Salman Khan, this will be placed in the “Selfie Corner” at the entrance gate. Home delivery automated service will soon have Salman’s voice, to take your orders. This restaurant is not a business venture; it is our love and passion for Salman Bhai!