Don't App And Drive: Mumbai Police Urges Millennials To Drive Safely

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| January 23 , 2018 , 19:17 IST

In an inspiring string of posts by Mumbai Police, the active force is once again bringing forth its witty side for urging the younger generation to drive safely. Sending a message across the tech-driven millennials, the forces have established a unique way.

Along with the hashtag ‘DontAppAndDrive’, the Mumbai Police uploaded an array of interesting posts and took the viewers on a virtual ride while spreading the meaningful message of Safe Driving. Adding some youthful references and wordplay, the force rocking in their approach.

With over 4.23 million followers, Mumbai Police was surely able to hit a nerve with their suitable posts. However, the social media account have created such magic in the near past many times, thanks to their ever-efficient social media team. Check out some great ones here: