Delhi, Gurugram Police Busy In Playing Blame Game Over Traffic Jams, Twitterati Can't Keep Calm!

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| September 23 , 2017 , 15:52 IST

Amongst the nations which face bad traffic problems, India, without doubt, has the worst connectivity issues leading to the notorious traffic jams every once in a while. Reportedly, the country loses billions every year because of people stuck in traffic and wasting their working hours. 

As per a survey, every Indian driver spends more than 12 hours stuck in traffic in a week. Apart from the poor transit system in the metropolitans, the awful communication between the inter-connecting state authorities can be also be blamed.

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The theory was proved when Delhi and Gurugram police got involved in a heated banter on Twitter after a commuter stuck in traffic on NH 48 placed a complaint but instead of helping him, the two authorities started blaming each other for the ordeal.

Twitter users were enjoying the tennis match between the two teams but when had enough expressed their displeasure with the authorities' behaviour.