CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan Calls Madhya Pradesh Roads Better Than US, Gets Trolled!

| October 25 , 2017 , 14:22 IST

Roads in India aren't exactly famous for being well-made, in fact, India still records a high number of deaths due to potholes every year, but according to Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the roads in his state are better than those in the US!

Currently, on a 6-day trip to the US to promote investment in Madhya Pradesh, CM Chouhan called the MP roads better than those in the US and got mercilessly trolled.

Addressing a US-India Strategic Partnership Forum meeting, Chouhan said, "When I got down at the Washington Airport and travelled on roads, I felt the roads in Madhya Pradesh are better than the United States."

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Although the Madhya Pradesh CM admitted that the condition of the state, which was once included as among the BIMARU states of India, was earlier not so good, he claimed that the state turned around under his leadership.  

"Few years back, MP was termed as a diseased state, but when I became the Chief Minister 12 years back then it was in my mind that without basic infrastructure no state can develop," said Chouhan.

"Our first focus was on building the roads. Today, we have constructed around 1.75 lakh kilometer roads in the state and all the villages have been well-connected with roads," Chouhan added.

Twitterati shared hilarious memes after the comment by CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan went viral, view tweets below: