Charpoy Goes Global, Aussies Might Pay $990 To Own One!

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| October 6 , 2017 , 16:19 IST

Indian culture and traditions are finally reaching across the border and making their presence known. 'Khatiya' is something that millions of Indian have seen in their lives and might have slept on this traditional bed as well. The bed is manually made with jute ropes on a wooden frame.

Charpoy has now reached Australia and the Aussies soon pay $990 for buying one. Pricey right? Twitterati shares the same feeling as an ad has gone viral on social media which claims to be selling this ‘Traditional Indian Daybed’ at the massive price which roughly counts to Rs 50,000.

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Indians have got another reason to appreciate their lifestyle in form of this ad which describes the khatiya as "beautiful Maple timber" and "Manila rope hand-woven bedding". Considering the Indian heirloom, the ad was a little upmarket but nonetheless touched many hearts.

Internet users went crazy after watching the ad. Some were shocked while some were doubling over with laughter whereas the business-minded ones ran to sell their own old charpoys till the trend is still alive. Some sensible users also pointed out the irony saying how something not well appreciated by Indians themselves was accepted by foreigners.

Many foreigners are ordering these Indian traditional beds and are enjoying them as well. Here's how Twitterati reacted to the ad: