Channels Criticised For Confusing Shashi Kapoor With Shashi Tharoor, Big B

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| December 5 , 2017 , 13:03 IST

Celebrated Veteran actor Shashi Kapoor took his last breath on November 4 in Mumbai, leaving millions of his fans to mourn his demise. The versatile actor was suffering from prolonged illness and bid farewell to the world at the age of 79.

Condolences to his family and tributes started pouring on social media soon after the news broke out. The heartthrob of 70s was no more and his admirers were still trying to grasp the reality when a few reports with unchecked facts made people lose their calm.

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With the motive of beating the rest, an acclaimed news channel posted the news of Shashi's demise on Twitter with a little error, which brought several problems for the Congress MP Shashi Tharoor due to his name resemblance with that of Kapoor.

A leading media house mistakenly tweeted the news of Shashi Tharoor's passing which didn't sit well with many. The politician's office was constantly receiving calls for paying condolences after the report, which provoked him to clarify the case.

The media channel later apologised for the terrible mistake and wished for Tharoor to live a healthy and long life. The witty MP also accepted the apology for the honest mistake without making a big issue out of it and even found humour in the situation.

However, the blunder made by international channel while running the news was completely unacceptable as the channel played the video of Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor while paying tribute to the late actor.

The channel faced the backlash by social media users who demanded an apology for broadcasting the unjustified story. BBC Editor Paul Royall later apologised while accepting the channel's mistake and affirmed that it was unintentional.