As Sai Baba Image Emerge On Temple's Wall, Huge Crowd Gathers To Witness The Miracle

| July 13 , 2018 , 20:00 IST

A picture of Sai Baba could be seen on the wall of a Shirdi temple on Wednesday for continuously three hours from 11 pm to 3 am.

As per reports in the local media, an image of Sai Baba was observed smiling at its followers in a 2*2 frame.

After this astounding incident, a horde of followers gathered in the temple to take blessing from Sai Baba and the temple remained open on Wednesday night.

Some of the devotees claimed," Sai Baba himself appeared in the temple. The incident took place just a few days before Sai Baba memorial is about to complete 100 years."

The video of the incident spell bound the people across the nation and went viral on the web. In the video, the wall is decorated with flowers, garland and other elements that are commonly used during the worship of the God.

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