100th Dead Anniversary Of Dadabhai Naoroji: The Grand Old Man Of India

| June 30 , 2018 , 13:29 IST

The Grand Old Man of India Dadabhai Naoroji was the first-ever Asian Member of British Parliament.

Today on June 30, 2017, marked the 100th death anniversary of Dadabhai Naoroji. He died, appropriately enough, a short distance from Tejpal Hall in Gowalia Tank, the venue where he had helped inaugurate the first meeting of the Congress in 1885

The Educator from India was the first Indian to become a professor at the Elphinstone Institute, Bombay, where he used to teach mathematics and natural philosophy. Dadabhai  Naoroji, one of the most influential leaders of the early Indian National Congress.

Considering the facts, In 1855, Dadabhai Naoroji went to England to join the first Indian business firm to be established in Britain, Cama & Co, and only 3 years later in 1859, he established his own business firm under his own name, Naoroji & Co, which was a cotton trading firm.

During the time he spent in England, Dadabhai delivered speeches and educated the British people about their responsibilities as the rulers of India.

When he moved to London in the late 1880s and He was elected for the Liberal Party in Finsbury Central at the 1892 general election -- becoming the first British Indian MP.

He was elected the president of the Indian National Congress in 1886.

He also served as a member of the Legislative Council of Mumbai from 1885 to 1888.

In his honour, The Dadabhai Naoroji Road, in Mumbai was named.