Watch: 'Adhara Pana' Of Lord Jagannath 2015 Rath Yatra Nabakalebara

| July 28 , 2015 , 17:01 IST
The deities will return to the Puri temple on Wednesday after the Rath Yatra, a nine-day visit to the Gundicha temple. The ritual, in which the idols are brought inside the temple from the chariots, is known as 'Niladri Bije'. WATCH GLIMPLES OF RATH YATRA 2015 During the annual Rath Yatra (Cart Festival), the deities Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra return to the Puri temple after a nine-day sojourn at the 'Gundicha Temple'. Before the deities once again enter the temple, many rituals take place when they are on their chariots. One of the main rituals is the 'Suna Besha', where the three lords of Puri temple adorn the gold ornaments and jewellery after the ‘Bahuda Yatra’ or the return journey. After the 'Suna Besha', another important ritual that is observed by the 'sevayats'  is 'Adhara Pana', a special drink that is offered to the deities. The 'sevayats' (those who perform the temple rituals) serve the 'Adhara Pana' to the deities in earthen pots. It is believed that the 'Adhara Pana' is only for the gods and goddesses that guard the chariots during the Rath Yatra. Hence, the 'sevayats' break the pots on the ground because it is not for the consumption by the devotees.

Rathayatra Niladri Bije 2015 Lord Jagannath Returning to Shree Mandir | Focus News

[…] Watch: ‘Adhara Pana’ Of Lord Jagannath 2015 Rath Yatra Nabakalebara […]