Ujjain: Desi WWE Fight Between Flower Vendors Near Mahakal Temple [WATCH]

| June 18 , 2018 , 11:53 IST

A shocking video of a fight has emerged from the Mahakal temple of the Ujjain city in the state of Madhya Pradesh on Monday.

In the video, there is a fight between the local flower vendors outside the Mahakal Temple. The flower vendors were punching each other badly.

The reason for the violence is not yet ascertained. In the video, one flower vendor quickly overcomes the other, pins him to the ground and strike endless punches on his face. He is then handed a stick by a minor and he uses it to assault a group of women.

According to media reports a case has been registered in the matter by the local police but the cause of the clash is yet to be ascertained.