CAPTURED! Suhana Khan's Hilarious Hair Flip Moment Goes Viral [WATCH]

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| September 6 , 2017 , 14:31 IST

Among other star kids who make their presence known through social media and social gatherings, though one star kid with whom paparazzi just can't get enough is Shah Rukh Khan's princess, Suhana Khan.

Her transformation from a little girl to a full-fledged young lady took everybody by surprise and now people are always eager to get a glimpse of her life. Suhana's friend circle is also full of star kids, moreover party animals.

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Pictures of them partying keeps surfacing every once in a while. Apparently, the girl already has many fan pages on social media networks, which are quite popular as well. A recent video uploaded on the fan page of Suhana Khan is making rounds, grabbing many eyeballs.

In the video, the cutie is sitting with a friend when the camera starts zooming towards her. Being the sassy girl she is, Suhana flips her hair gracefully, though the moment doesn't end really well, that doesn't sway her confidence who is seen giggling at the end on her own silliness. 

Watch the video here: