Wrong Move! Ospreys Hooker Scott Baldwin Went To Pat Lion and Was Bitten [WATCH]

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| September 30 , 2017 , 17:32 IST

Lions are not as friendly as pet animals. Somehow, the International Rugby player, Scott Baldwin learnt it the hard way. Just ahead of the Ospreys' Guinness Pro14 game, the hooker was enjoying some wild time with his teammates when a terrible incident landed him in hospital.

The player was visiting a game park in Bloemfontein on Thursday with his fellows and all were petting the lions from outside the metal fence. In a spur of the moment, the lion attacked Scott's hands and before anybody could help the situation, the player was badly injured.

Following the mishap, Baldwin had to endure two stitches and even miss the big game. This incident left the team with a player less leading to their defeat by 44-25 against the host team, South African franchise Cheetahs. 

Apparently, all the visitors were warmed regarding not sticking their hands in the barrier but Scott opted to ignore it and ended up bitten up by the lion. His coach Steve Tandy was disappointed with the player's immature behaviour. 

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While talking about the accident, the head coach said, "There was an incident with a lion, but in fairness, it was nothing to do with the lion." He added, "He did bite Scott but when you put your hand in a fence where there is a lion, then you will get bitten."

Steve went as far as calling the player "stupid". Baldwin is also taking the incident pretty bad and has apologised to his fans for disappointing them. In a series of Tweets, he posted the apology along with a video while stroking the lion.