Remembering Stephen Hawking's Contributions And Achievements

| March 14 , 2018 , 17:41 IST

March 14 will be known as the date when one of the greatest scientists to ever grace the world passed away. Stephen Hawking not only defied his own health but also changed the way we look at the universe as we know it.

Thousands of prayers floundered for the great scientists as he was revered as the greatest mind in Physics since Alber Einstein.

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He got his Ph.D. in Cosmology from Cambridge University.

One of the achievements he is known for is Hawking Radiation, which dispels the belief that nothing can escape a black hole, and talks about black hole's horizon.

His work in the knowing the theory of the origin of the Universe contributed greatly in coining Grand Unified Theory a way of explaining, in one equation, all physical matter in the universe.

At the age of 32, he won the most prestigious award in physics the Albert Einstein Award.

Hawking also questioned the quantifiability of the Universe, claiming that it is endless and has no end.

His work and his contributions will be beneficial and will be consumed by generations to come. We would like to thank him for his services and benevolence he bestowed upon the world. 

R.I.P Professor Stephen Hawking