Move Over Boring Job Resumes, Rap It Up Like This College Grad [WATCH]

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| October 6 , 2017 , 15:31 IST

The first step towards applying for a job is writing an impressive curriculum vitae or resume which makes you stand out among the masses. Somehow, the millennials are way past typing their CVs on A4-sized white paper and are looking for unique methods to outshine their competitors.

Digital and video resumes are already making their appearances known but nobody had thought that somebody will be rapping his CV for getting a job. You read that right, a fresh college graduate from New York, instead of typing, rapped his entire CV.

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Many might find it unconventional but Twitterati is loving it! The video was uploaded by Dawayne Kirkland who while applying for an internship in a digital agency, VaynerMedia rapped his entire CV. He listed out his achievements to the tunes of Kendrick Lamar’s 'DNA' from the album 'Damn'.

We are not sure about Dawayne's graphic designing and illustration skills but the guy definitely has the ability to be creative. The creative video features the skills of Kirkland clad in a white T-shirt which has the text, "I want a job" written above it along with the lyrics of rap.

His rap had many highlights, the topmost being that he still lives at his "mama" house. His video also impressed the CEO of VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk who retweeted his post. Let us hope that this genius lands the job of his dreams if he has not already.