'Ram Setu' Between India And Sri Lanka Is Man-Made, Shows Science Channel

| December 13 , 2017 , 09:16 IST

The legend of Lord Ram in the Ramayana is a tale that has been passed down for generations, but is often relegated as 'mythology' and the scientific accuracy has been questioned in the past.

As told in the Ramayana, a bridge of stones was made connecting India and Sri Lanka over which Lord Ram and his army travelled to Sri Lanka to bring back Sita. While the existence of the bridge 'Ram Setu' has been stated in the past under the name of 'Adam's Bridge', the US-based Science Channel, using NASA satellite images, has shown that the bridge was man-made, not natural.

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Although there is a 'sandbar' that connects India and Sri Lanka, and a series of rocks were found on top of the sandbar across the 30 mile long distance, the rocks actually predate the sandbar. A dating analysis of the rocks showed that the rocks were 7,000 years old while the sandbar beneath it is only 4,000 years old.

According to geologist Dr. Alan Lester, the stones used to build the Ram Setu were brought in from afar.

The Science Channel, revealed the details in a promo of their show on the topic, captioned "Are the ancient Hindu myths of a land bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka true? Scientific analysis suggests they are."

Watch the video below: