Making Video Of Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar Starrer Mammoth Project '2.0' Will Blow Your Mind!

| October 2 , 2018 , 13:46 IST

Director Shankar on Tuesday shared a video of the making of 2.0, giving us a glimpse of the tremendous efforts that have gone into the making of this film. Superstar Rajinikanth and Bollywood A-lister Akshay Kumar are first time coming together in a magnum opus, 2.0.

As seen in the video, more than 3000 technicians from across the world have worked on this project, it had 2150 VFX shots, 1000 complex VFX shots, 1000 VFX artistes, 10 concept artists 25 3D designers, 500 craftsmen, 1000 VFX artists and many more. FX extravaganza 2.0 is being touted as India’s most expensive film yet.

The video displayed behind-the-scenes visuals and showcased the work that had gone into bringing to life the special effects. We also get to see the glimpses of the mammoth sets and how the alien-esque avatar of Akshay and Rajinikanth were created.

The video also incorporates details about their costumes and previsualisation shots.

Directed by Shankar, 2.0 is a sequel to Rajinikanth's 2010 film Enthiran, in which the megastar played the dual roles of scientist Dr Vaseegaran and his creation robot Chhiti.

This year, Rajinikanth will fight a bird-man like antagonist named Dr Richard, played by Akshay Kumar. 2.0 is slated to release on November 29.