Ever Wondered How Pregnant Women Look Shaking A Leg To 'Despacito'? Check This Out!

| October 17 , 2017 , 13:27 IST

Pregnancies bring along a lot of restrictions and mood swings. Some deal with the do's and don'ts without any complications while the others need extra attention. Now add the traditional mindsets and culturally imposed curtailments to the schedule of an already frustrated and heavily pregnant woman. What do you expect will happen?

They will burst and need a getaway. Same happened to a group of 21 Taiwanese women who were fed up of the Chinese tradition which restricts the pregnant women from participating in any kind of celebration as they believe that too much joy could harm the unborn child. Fed up of the bizarre tradition, the group decided to rebel.

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Twenty-one moms-to-be danced to their heart's content at the Taipei Railway station to the beat of ongoing viral number, Luis Fonsi’s 'Despacito'. All the ladies enjoyed their time while dancing, leaving all the inhibitions behind. Their video which was initially uploaded by the Chinese website, Shanghaiist went viral within few hours and has garnered over 85k views.

One of the dancing moms, Janet Hsieh also uploaded the video on her Facebook account and the viewers just couldn't stop gushing over the cute video. While many found the whole act "shameful" and adviced the pregnant ladies to "have rest" instead of shaking their legs on the peppy number, others complimented them for their efforts.

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Experts have suggested that the pregnant women should always be kept in a happy environment and away from the negative energy. This video is an example that pregnant women should never be challenged, forget about imposing useless restrictions on them.

Watch the adorable video here: