Horrific! Pit Bull Terrier Goes Berserk, Attacks Uttam Nagar Residents Leaving 3 Injured

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| April 2 , 2018 , 18:37 IST

In a horrific incident caught on CCTV camera, Pit Bull Terrier dog went berserk and attacked the residents of Delhi's Uttam Nagar Area on March 28. The video footage where the dog can be seen attacking the children of locality ferociously has gone viral.

A specific part where the dog pounces on a kid and taking the neighbour coming for the child's rescue into his grasp sends a chill down the viewers' spine. To stop the dog's attack, the residents had to beat his rod and a chair but even that didn't stop the angered animal.

In a fit of rage, the dog attacked area's residents injuring 3 people including a kid in the process. While it is not clear if the dog was somebody's pet or not, the incident has left the spectators terrified.

Many such cases of attack by the increasing numbers of dogs and monkeys in the national capital have been noted recently. To tackle it, the Delhi High Court directed the authorities to prepare a plan to control the population of animals known to have attacked people in February.